Problem: Overtip Prevention

If the driver tips out the content in the tipper and they allow the tipper to go too far and the entire vehicle tips over. This will cause substantial damage to the vehicle as well as the cost associated with the vehicle being off the road for a certain amount of time

Other applications:

All tilt and angle sensing


When the truck goes to tip the contents of the tipper the Powermate will track a sensor on the tipper. When the tipper reaches a certain pre-determined angle the PowerMate will alert the driver that he is reaching a critical tipping point if the driver does not stop the tipper then the Powermate will automatically retard the hydraulics to the tipper when it reaches another pre-determined level to ensure the truck does not tip over, avoiding any damage to the truck and cost involved in repairing the vehicle.


The risk of the truck tipping over I averted and substantial costs are saved.