Park Brake Alarm

A simple, intelligent, economical safety device.
Alerts both driver and any personal in the area when the Park Brake has not been applied.
Compact, completely sealed and reliable.
Designed and manufactured in Australia.

The Park Brake Alarm is a safety device intended as an audible warning system to alert both the driver and any personal in the general area when the Park Brake has not been applied.

This simple but intelligent device constantly observes both the Door Switch and Park Brake Switch signals. If the Cabin Door is OPENED and the Park Brake has NOT been APPLIED, the device will instantaneously sound both the module Alarm and the vehicle Horn. The vehicle Horn will continue to sound even when the Cabin Door has been closed (applying the Park Brake will immediately DISABLE both Alarm and Horn notifications).

The Park Brake Alarm device also has an optional connection, where the module Alarm will sound for 2 seconds BEFORE the vehicle Horn is sounded. This function sounds as a warning to the driver as a reminder to APPLY the Park Brake.

The compact, sealed and maintenance free device has the added benefit of being multi-voltage (12-24DC).

With hassle free installation the Park Brake Alarm is an excellent economical safety device.


When Safety Matters
Audible Warning System

Maintenance Free

Australian Made