Problem: Coolant level drops too low causing the vehicle breaks down

When the coolant drops too low this can cause the vehicle to break down. The cost of the vehicle being off the road is not only substantial in the repair costs about also the cost of lost revenue by the business.

Other details that can be tracked and controlled:

Water temp, engine temp, hydraulic pressure, oil levels


While in operation, the PowerMate will monitor the coolant level. When a sudden drop in coolant level is detected, visual and audible alerts will warn the driver that a radiator pipe has burst so that the driver is informed to slow down and find a safe place to stop. The Powermate then begins a predetermined countdown within which the driver is to take the necessary action to avoid engine overheat damage. If the driver ignores this warning, the PowerMate will automatically bring the vehicle to a safe stop and therefore save significant costs of repair and the vehicle being out of commission


Cost saving by not having to repair the vehicle and also no lost revenue for the vehicle being off the road.