Problem: Blown headlamp

A truck is driving along the highway at night and one of its headlights blows. The driver has no idea this has happened and if he did he has no way of fixing the light. Continuing to drive on the road with this light out is extremely dangerous.

Other electronic components that can be tracked and controlled:

All other lights on the vehicle including beacons, break lights, indicator lights


The Powermate can monitor all lighting on the vehicle. If a front headlight fuses, the PowerMate will send a signal to the driver who is alerted to this event. The Powermate will automatically illuminate the high beam and reduce intensity to 50%. This will ensure that the immediate danger of having the truck driving with only one headlight is averted. A signal can automatically be sent back to the maintenance division to alert them of the problem that has occurred so that they can ensure that the vehicle is repaired upon return to the depot.


Allows to vehicle to continue its trip safely and also ensure the light is fixed on the vehicles return to base.