Reverse Polarity Sensor

Increase protection with our innovative safety device.
Australian made, fully compliant, approved and tested.
Compact, completely sealed and trouble-free.
Robust, dependable and incorporates the latest technology.
Must be installed by a licensed electrician


We all know that safety is paramount and we strive to adopt new practices to reduce the chance of electrocution and increase safety, thus making the Reverse Polarity Sensor fundamental for all vehicle, RV and vessel owners.

This innovative device works by sensing the polarity of the power input and, if correct, it will then energise a relay or contact permitting power to flow through to the vehicles or vessels switchboard. In certain circumstances it will automatically trip the safety switch at the supply end (source).

This makes it completely safe for the end user and helps protect any sensitive electronic devices that would have been subjected to a reversed polarity.

The Reverse Polarity Sensor is one of the only devices on the market today which is fully compliant, approved and tested.

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