Copper Core Bushing

Copper Core Bushing


Our Copper Core Bushing brings new features, low cost and ease of use to your current passing projects.

  • For panel thickness up to 13/32″
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Very low cost
  • Copper Core SAE Max Amperage:  Peak: 550amp @ 12vdc (6.6kw)
    • Duty Cycle: 80%
  • Copper Core Metric Max Amperage:  Peak: 450amp @ 12vdc (5.4kw)
    • Duty Cycle: 80%
  • Available in Red & Black
  • Bushing Material : Glass-Filled Nylon
  • Post Material : Nickel Plated Mild Steel
  • Fastener (nut) Material : Stainless Steel
  • Use second panel nut (359N) for high dynamic loads Panel thickness up to 3/16″

Weatherproof: The inner panel seal provides a secure fastening base for our 258 Series Terminal Insulator. This insulator fits snugly around the panel seal, and when used with a 4/0 ga (120 mm2) cable, provides the assembly with IP-65 rating weatherproofing.

Part NumberDescriptionTypeCategory
CCB376M0N02Copper Core Power Bushing, Metric, Red on BlAssemblyPower Bushings
CCB376M0N02WCopper Core Power Bushing, Metric, Red on Bl, WthrprfAssemblyPower Bushings
CCB376M0N05Copper Core Bushing, 10mm Post, YellowAssemblyPower Bushings
CCB376M0N14Copper Core Power Bushing, Metric, BlackAssemblyPower Bushings
CCB376M0N14WCopper Core Power Bushing, Metric, Black, WthrprfAssemblyPower Bushings
CCB376M0NR02Copper Core Bushing, M10, Full RedAssemblyPower Bushings
CCB376M0NR02WCopper Core Bushing, M10, Full Red, WthrprfAssemblyPower Bushings
CCB376M1N02WCopper Core Power Bushing, Red on Bl, 10mm, WP, N4AssemblyPower Bushings
CCB376M1N14WCopper Core Power Bushing, Black, 10mm, WP, N4AssemblyPower Bushings
CCB376M1NR02WCopper Core Power Bushing, All Red, 10mm, WP, N4AssemblyPower Bushings
CCB376N0N02Copper Core Power Bushing, (Red on Bl)AssemblyPower Bushings
CCB376N0N02TEMPCopper Core Power Bushing, Red, TEMPAssemblyPower Bushings
CCB376N0N02WPower Bushing, Copper Core , WP, Red on BlAssemblyPower Bushings
CCB376N0N05Copper Core Bushing, 3/8″ Post, YellowAssemblyPower Bushings
CCB376N0N14Copper Core Power Bushing, 3/8″, (Black)AssemblyPower Bushings
CCB376N0N14WPower Bushing, Copper Core, 3/8″, Black, WthrprfAssemblyPower Bushings
CCB376N0NR02Copper Core Bushing, 3/8″, Full RedAssemblyPower Bushings
CCB376N0NR02WCopper Core Bushing, 3/8″, Full Red, WthrprfAssemblyPower Bushings
CCB376N1N02WCopper Core Power Bushing, Red on Bl, WP, N4AssemblyPower Bushings
CCB376N1N14WCopper Core Power Bushing, Black, WP, N4AssemblyPower Bushings
CCB376N1NR02WCopper Core Power Bushing, All Red, WP, N4AssemblyPower Bushings
CCB376X1N14Copper Core Bushing, w/ ID ring, 3/8″, BlackAssemblyPower Bushings
CCB376X2N14Copper Core Bushing, 10mm, w/ ID Ring, BlackAssemblyPower Bushings
CCB506N02Copper Core Pwr Bshng, 1/2, RedAssemblyPower Bushings
CCB506N02WCopper Core Pwr Bshng, 1/2, Red, Wthprf, 9AssemblyPower Bushings
CCB506N05Copper Core Pwr Bshng, 1/2, YellowAssemblyPower Bushings
CCB506N05WCopper Core Pwr Bshng, 1/2, Yellow, Wthprf, 9AssemblyPower Bushings
CCB506N14Copper Core Pwr Bshng, 1/2, BlackAssemblyPower Bushings
CCB506N14WCopper Core Pwr Bshng, 1/2, Black, Wthprf, 9AssemblyPower Bushings
CCBXC102Copper Core Bushing, Chief, 2.8″ x 3/8″, RedAssemblyPower Bushings
CCBXC114Copper Core Bushing, Chief, 2.8″ x 3/8″, BlackAssemblyPower Bushings
CCBXC202Copper Core Bushing, 10mm, Chief, BlackAssemblyPower Bushings
CCBXC214Copper Core Bushing, 10mm, Chief, BlackAssemblyPower Bushings
CCBXL102Power Bushing, Custom, Lithionics, RedAssemblyPower Bushings
CCBXL114Power Bushing, Custom, Lithionics, BlackAssemblyPower Bushings