Busbar – Tab-Type

Tab-Type Terminal Busbar


VTE Inc. is now offering a Tab-Type Busbar. This busbar accepts ‘push-on’ type quick disconnect terminals. These ‘push-on’ type terminals greatly increase production speed, and reduce labor costs.
Initial testing indicates installation times of 2.5 times faster than standard fork terminals,. and 3.5 times faster than standard ring terminals

Highly cost effective solution for Fast Busbar Connections
Max Amperage: 55 amps @ 12 vdc per tier
20 amps per connection
Optional cover kit protects conductive areas from accidental shorts, complying with ABYC / ISO / USCG requirements
Max voltage: 48vdc
Connection Post Material : Stainless Steel
Base Material: Glass-Filled Nylon (Red & Black)
Lock Washer Material : Stainless Steel
Flat Washer Material : Stainless Steel

Part NumberDescriptionTypeCategory
TTB710N02Tab Type Busbar, 10 Point, RedAssemblyTab-Type Bus
TTB710N14Tab Type Busbar, 10 Point, BlackAssemblyTab-Type Bus
TTB720N02Tab Type Busbar, 20 Point, RedAssemblyTab-Type Bus
TTB720N14Tab Type Busbar, 20 Point, BlackAssemblyTab-Type Bus
TTB730N02Tab Type Busbar, 30 Point, RedAssemblyTab-Type Bus
TTB730N05Tab Type Busbar, 30 Point, YellowAssemblyTab-Type Bus
TTB730N14Tab Type Busbar, 30 Point, BlackAssemblyTab-Type Bus
TTB740N02Tab Type Busbar, 40 Point, RedAssemblyTab-Type Bus
TTB740N14Tab Type Busbar, 40 Point, BlackAssemblyTab-Type Bus