Busbar – Dual 4 Point

Dual 4 Point Terminal Busbar


VTE presents our Dual Terminal Busbar. This systems allow for multiple connections to positive and negative systems on one connection block. Each connection side can maintain multiple connections, of differing size.

Multiple connection points, to accommodate multiple power connections
Nickel Plated Brass contact plate: high current & anti-corrosive
Secure way to consolidate ground systems
Max Amperage: 250 amps @ 12 vdc total
Max Voltage: 48 vdc
Positive: 3/8″ stainless steel connection posts
Negative: 5/16″ stainless steel connection posts
Both polarity sides offer 3 smaller 15amp connection points
Base Material: Glass-Filled Nylon (Red & Black)
Mounting screws: #10 (not included)
Mounting center: 124.46 mm
Optional cover not included
Also available with 3/8″ connection posts on both sides
Also available with 5/16″ connection posts on both sides
To meet some safety guidelines, protective heat shrink tubing must be used on terminal barrel to insulator against accidental shorts.

Part NumberDescriptionTypeCategory
738437N0N023/8″ 4 Point Busbar, RedAssembly4 Point
738437N0N143/8″ 4 Point Busbar, BlackAssembly4 Point
738831N0N14Dual 4 Point, 5/16″, BlackAssemblyDual 4 Point
738831N0N14XDual 4 Point 5/16″ for ElimecAssemblyDual 4 Point
738834N0N02Dual 4 Point, 5/16″ & 3/8″ Posts, Red BaseAssemblyDual 4 Point
738834N0N14Dual 4 Point, 5/16″ & 3/8″, BlackAssemblyDual 4 Point
738837N0N02Dual 4 Point, 3/8″, RedAssemblyDual 4 Point
738837N0N14Dual 4 Point, Both Sides 3/8″, Black – Special OrderAssemblyDual 4 Point
7388M8N0N02M8 Dual 4 Point, Red – Special Order OnlyAssemblyDual 4 Point
7388M8N0N14M8 Metric Dual 4 Point Busbar (Black)AssemblyDual 4 Point
738N3P05Dual 4 Point Cover, Yellow w/ RetainersAssemblyDual 4 Point