Busbar – 10 Point

10 Point Terminal Busbar


This system allows for up to 10 electrical connections, each running up to 15 amps continuous. With the optional terminal cover, the assembly complies with USCG, ISO and ABYC standards requirements.

10 connection points, #8-32 stainless steel screws
Max continuous: 150 amps @ 12 vdc – 15 amps per connection
Max intermittent: 20 amps per connection (less than 1 minute)
(2) 1/4″ stainless steel terminal posts
Cable Entry: 1, 2
Stainless steel hex nuts and lock washer
Base Material: Glass-Filled Nylon (Red & Black)
Mounting screws: #10 (not included)
When used with insulators, meets USCG 33 CFR Subpart I, SAE J2120 8.5 & ABYC E-9.4 H
Optional Cover: Red –  724N3P02  or Black – 724N3P14

Part NumberDescriptionTypeCategory
771010 Point Bulk Hardware PackageAssembly10 Point
771025N0N0210 Point Busbar, RedAssembly10 Point
771025N0N1410 Point Busbar, BlackAssembly10 Point
771025N1N0210 Point Busbar, Bulk, RedAssembly10 Point
771025N1N1410 Point Busbar, Bulk, BlackAssembly10 Point
10 Point Cover, RedAssembly Covers10 Point
724N3P0510 Point Cover w/ RetainersAssembly Covers10 Point
724N3P1410 Point Cover, BlackAssembly Covers10 Point