375 Series

Specialty Terminal Insulator

● The 375 Series was designed to cover multiple high amperage terminal connections
They offer open cable entry, so the insulator can be snapped into place on the cables
They are offered in the “L” shape, and the “T” shape
Use to comply with ABYC E-9, USCG 33 Subpart I, and ISO 10133
Useful for covering our Hi Amp 3 Point Busbar
Available in Red or Black
Cable entry allows 2/0, up to 4/0 ga cable

Part NumberDescriptionTypeCategory
375L5P02Bulkhead Connector Insulator, RedInsulatorBHC
375L5P14 Bulkhead Connector Insulator, BlackInsulatorBHC
375T5P02 Bulkhead Connector Insulator, RedInsulatorBHC
375T5P14 Bulkhead Connector Insulator, BlackInsulatorBHC